SPLIT the Profits Event | Green Bay, WI

Want to get some money back on your used car, truck, or SUV? Wish you could make more than the market value? If you are in or near Green Bay, WI, take advantage of our SPLIT the Profits event, where you can earn half of the profits made on your old vehicle!

Here at Broadway Volkswagen, we need used vehicles to fill our lot. Instead of paying high fees at an auction company, we would rather put that extra money towards the customers that live in our community. Thus, the SPLIT the Profits event was created. Continue reading to learn more.

Close up of a person handing over one-hundred dollar bills to another person with cars in the background

Earn Extra Money on Your Used Vehicle at Broadway Volkswagen

How does this event work? If you sell us a qualifying vehicle, we will give you half of the profits made on that vehicle when it sells. For instance, let’s say you sell us your old SUV. We inspect and/or certify your vehicle and it cost us $1,000 to do so. After getting the attention it needs, the SUV is put on sale for $5,000. If a buyer accepts the $5,000 price, the $1,000 from the maintenance earlier is subtracted, giving us $4,000 in profit. However, with our SPLIT the Profits event, you are entitled to half of this amount. We will then give you your portion of the profits, which in this case is $2,000.

What are the qualifications for this exciting offer? First, you must take advantage of this deal before (INSERT DATE). Next, your vehicle must be mechanically and cosmetically suited for our lot at a value of at least $3,500. If we see potential in your vehicle, we will purchase the car from you, inspect it, and recondition as needed before putting it up for sale. Once your vehicle sells, we will send you a check for half of the profits.

For more information, please contact our team here at Broadway Volkswagen. We will be happy to offer more details and help you determine if your vehicle will qualify for the SPLIT the Profits deal.